Our Promise, Values and Mission

We are a group of like-minded pharmacists who are committed to improving our clients’ and patients’ health outcomes through the provision of high-quality pharmacy services. At Caring Pharmacy, CARING is our mission. We strive to provide the best CARE possible, tailored specifically to meet your demands and our community’s needs.

Caring Pharmacy’s values underpin the meaning of the word ‘CARING’. Together, our four key values create the acronym ‘CARE’:

Caring Pharmacy Love


Caring for the community and people from all walks of life, supporting local health providers, community organisations, schools and more.

Compounding Medcine


Everyone is welcomed and supported at a Caring Pharmacy, regardless of their ages, genders, situations, conditions or backgrounds.

Caring Pharmacy Beauty


Professional services and product ranges are tailed to meet the needs of the local community and individuals through ongoing needs analysis and feedbacks.

Caring Pharmacy Beauty


Foster a culture of care and engagement through being present in every interaction, active listening and commitment to improving health and wellbeing for all.

Caring Pharmacy Logo Story

Caring Pharmacy

Wondering how we came up with the logo? Well, the Caring Pharmacy logo reflects our four key values, which together forms the acronym ‘CARE’ – Community, Acceptance, Responsive and Engagement.

The Caring Pharmacy logo turns the C from ‘CARING’ and our value of ‘COMMUNITY’ into a helping hand that is upholding the community throughout its entire lifecycle. The symbol of a hand represents our generosity and hospitality and is a gesture of greeting and friendship. Our value of ‘ACCEPTANCE’ is shown in the gradient colour of the hand from light to dark representing that everyone is welcome in a Caring Pharmacy. Our third and fourth values of ‘RESPONSIVENESS’ and ‘ENGAGEMENT are again shown by the circular C showing the flow of information and needs analysis between our valued clients, patients, the community and the Caring Pharmacy team.