Dose Administration Aid

Are you taking multiple tablets and capsules a day? Do you have trouble remembering to take your medicines? Do you need help with organising your medicines? Are you caring for someone who takes multiple medicines a day? If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the above, our Caring Pharmacists are here to assist!

What can our Caring Pharmacists offer?

Taking medications exactly as prescribed is essential to ensure they work properly to manage your condition. If these medications are not taken correctly at the right time or at the right dose, it may cause serious problems to your health. At Caring Pharmacy, we offer a dose administration aid service, commonly known as the Webster packs, which helps take your worry out of taking medications. We dispense your medications, pack them into an easy to follow packaging with sealed blister compartments.

Contact one of our pharmacies today and one of our Caring Pharmacists will provide you with further information.

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